18*12, 200*300D Laminated Glossy Frontlit Banner Roll For Panaflex Printing Printer Tarpaulin Outdoor Flex Lona Canvas

short description:

FL 230 is an economical light-light weight frontlit banner with gloss finish, compatible for solvent, UV, and screen printing. Ideal for short term indoor or outdoor application (banner/bill board face).

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Specification

(If you are interested in any other applications, please no hesitate to contact with us!)

Type of yarn


Thread count


Yarn detex


Type of coating


Total weight




Available width

Up to 3.20 m

Tensile strength (warp*weft)


Tear strength (warp*weft)

168*156 N

Peeling strength (warp*weft)


Flame resistance

Customized by requests


-20℃ (-4F°)

RF weldable(heat sealable)


Our banner advantage

Wide range of applications
Good ink absorption
Good ventilation and light transmission
Good tensile strength and tear strength
Good weathering resistance
Long time service life
Special functions: Anti cold; Anti fire;Lead free etc......


Q: What is Flex Banner?
A: Flex banner is a best economical and perfect material for both outdoor and indoor advertising printing material. It is made by high tensile strength polyester yarns, warp knitted as a base fabric. Then laminated with PVC sheet on both two sides. It has two technical types, hot and cold laminating. Hot laminating is good with its printing effect and cold laminating is good with its tensile strength. Both have glossy and matte surface type for option.
For digital printing flex banner is considered to be the best as it’s been both affordable and durable and it’s used mainly for digital printing work.

Q:Which is the usage area of Flex Banner?
A: These days use of flex banner have been seen in the different filed like:
1) Its use has been majorly seen in the digital printing area for advertising purposes.
2) We have also seen it as the wall covering displaying the beautiful decorative art.
3) While we all must have noticed them in the exhibitions we visit where it’s been used to display the informative stuff too.
4) Nowadays it’s been also sold out in the form of art named as “illuminated canvas printing arts”.

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